Digital marketing for start ups:

We offer a variety of courses for start ups including:

  1. Why Digital Marketing matters


  • Understand the role and benefits of digital marketing.
  • Become familiar with the digital tools needed to manage your startup.

This short course will help you to discover the benefits of digital versus traditional marketing.

Explore the motivation of online customers.

Discover how digital tools support marketing.

Define and evaluate the pros and cons of each digital channel.

2) Digital marketing planning 


  • Define the steps needed in the digital marketing planning process
  • Become familiar with the tools needed to execute a plan

This short course will explore:

– Digital marketing objectives

– Communication tools for digital planning

-Value propositions

-Segmenting, targeting and positioning of your business

-Website or not?

-Website considerations

-Design concepts

-Search marketing

-SEO in a startup

-Online PR

-Content marketing 

3) Digital marketing strategy & measurement in a startup


  • Understand the tools needed to improve digital marketing effectiveness.
  • Identify the activities necessary to build an online plan

– Evaluate why digital strategy is needed

-Define what a digital strategy is

-Tools to evaluate the online marketplace

-Introducing SOSTAC 

-Strategic measurement and questions to ask

-Key metrics to consider

-Tools to use




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