Resilience is the most powerful skill to develop. Life and work brings its challenges and  being resilient means that you can bounce back from adversity and manage stress by mastering problems with high energy, flexibility and mental strength consistently in adverse environments. 

This short and intensive course will help you to develop successful performance at work and critical skills to build positive relationships in all aspects of your life. 


– Understand the importance and relevance of personal resilience at work.

– Develop an optimistic approach to work

– Overcome negative thinking to help ensure business success

– Use tools to build personal resilience

– Develop tactics to help ensure organisational resilience

– Apply emotional intelligence techniques to help improve workplace communication. 

Being resilient or helping others in your team to develop resilience helps to create a more motivated and successful workforce and helps to reduce absences. 

Our resilience training and workshops help you or your staff to discover how to:

  • – Define resilience and its importance
  • – Cope with adversity  – by exploring levels of resilience
  • – Focus on healthy elements of control- by exploring the locus of control
  • – Discover your existing strengths-  
  • – A personalised toolkit to cope in times of difficulty
  • – Patterns of behaviour and how to emotionally regulate
  • – How to develop emotional intelligence
  • – Create motivation around relevant goals 

You will learn how to challenge your mindset and perform at the highest level despite adversity.  

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