Challenge Your Mindset is a company led by Annie Gilbert which was born in 2020, she is passionate about transformational training. She is driven by a desire to help people to be inspired to take positive and immediate action on their businesses and in their lives. She believes that without a happy person they can not add productivity to their work or business. Her modern, engaging and holistic approach to training the mind for success in all aspects is a philosophy that is attracting interest across the education system and in businesses of all types and sizes. Both face to face and online.


Annie has worked within the marketing sphere for over 20 years and has a strong background in the digital space. Selected as a future leader and top 30 marketeer in the UK by the Marketing Academy, and a content creator for a number of leading universities and educational institutions, she drives her business with a relentless passion and puts each individual at the heart of all her work . Trained by Google to deliver their masterclasses in digital and soft skills, she is aware of the current trends within the digital training space. 

Previously Annie was the founder of Pink Moods which was a business that had online tools for women with stress at work which won a finalist position in the European EORF awards in Barcelona. This content is now being created into a book to be launched in the coming year. Her purpose of helping people to transform and enhance their lives in times of difficulty remains as she now offers well-being workshops to help people to become their best selves and excel in all aspects through times of adversity. 

If you or your business need to rank up the passion for work and for life in general, then you are in the right place. 


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